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Narino - Maria Delgado Washed Caturra


This is the third consecutive year we have purchased Maria Delgado's washed caturra from Finca El Choco in Buesaco. Narino coffees are so distinct, unique, expressive. Each area and micro climate tells a story. These coffees are grown at very high elevations which allow the cherry to ripen slowly presenting fantastic flavours, bright acidity, and prominent sweetness.
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Maria's coffee was recently separated as its own specific lot. Her farm is just outside the city of Buesaco where high altitude growing conditions and an ideal climate lead to unique and complex coffees. This coffee is no different. It is very clean, bright, and structured with a round body. Thanks to Apex Coffee Importers for sourcing this coffee and exposing Maria's fantastic coffee to the Canadian coffee scene.

Origin: Colombia, Narino, Buesaco

Farm: Finca El Choco

Producer: Maria Delgado

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Altitude: 2100 masl

Profile: Raspberry, Stonefruit, Brown Sugar with a round body

Photo credit to Apex Coffee Imports



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Sample, 250g, 1kg

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